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Final Image

As always, this is the final image that we’ll be creating:

What you will need to create this.

Pattern – Colorlovers

Included in VIP Download Pack

Included in the VIP Download pack, which you can download at the bottom of this article:

- The original .psd file
- The glitter Photoshop brush used in the tutorial
- The old paper texture used
- The patterns used in the tutorial

Step 1

Create a new document of dimension 4000 x 2550 pixel and resolution 300 dpi. The reason I kept this document bigger because I wanted to print it.

Step 2

Open the Xara3D6, amazing 3d software to create 3d text.

Step 3

Select Text Option (Alt + T) to access text options, you can access it by clicking on icon “Aa”. Select the Swis721 BlkRnd BT font, enter letter T and press OK.

Step 4

Now to remove outer ring of text ‘T’, select “text” option in the lower sub palate in left toolbars.

Step 5

Next select “Bevel options” in the right panel, select “Rolled” bevel style and set the bevel depth to 10.

Step 6

Next go to the color options in the right panel and add these setting;
Text sides – #f71580, Text faces – #ddc9cb, Light 1 – #f9e7c7, Light 2 – #fda7ef, Light 3 – #ffab95.

Step 7

Now it’s time to export this text for photoshop. Press ‘Ctrl + Shift + E’ or go to File > Export to access export panel. To get text without background just export it in PNG format which saves transparency. In export panel set image width and height to 2000px, make sure to check the “Transparent” & “Interlace” option. Create some more letters and import them to photoshop file. Arrange letters perceptively; change its size and orientation to give more depth to the scene.

Step 8

Select magic want tool (w) and select the faces of letters, create a new layer and fill it with color # ffe9bd. Go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise and apply 10% noise, name this layer “text face”.

Step 9

Now add inner glow layer style to the layer of color #f80058, blending mode to ‘overlay’ and opacity 57%. Add curve adjustment layer to the “text face” layer with these settings;
RGB: Output -118, Input-152
Red: Output-120, Input-144
Green: Output-138, Input-121
Blue: Output-121, Input-157
Then, select the curve adjustment layer and create a clip mask by pressing Alt + Ctrl + G to clip this layer in “text face” layer. The result will look like this. Group all layers and name this group “3d text”, convert this group into smart object.

Step 10

Now we’ll create background of the scene, for this, create a new group and name it “background”. Hide the “3d text” smart object and create a new layer in group and fill it with color black, name this layer to “black”. Select a soft brush of size 1500px, opacity 50% and color #762900, paint areas to be highlighted, name this layer “red glow”.

Step 11

Open “old_paper.jpeg” and import it to the document. Change its blending mode to overlay and set the opacity to 40%, name this layer to “old paper”.

Step 12

Turn on the “3d text” layer, select rectangular marquee tool by pressing M and create a large selection of document. Select a soft brush of size 600px and color white, paint slightly outside the border of selection to get desired effect. Name this layer to “light”.

Step 13

Press Ctrl + T to transform “light” layer and arrange behind the text, fill these layers with color #ce5e78 & #ffffff.

Step 14

Set all light layers’ opacity to 40% and blending mode to overlay. Create some more lights above the 3d text layer.

Step 15

Turn off the “3d text” layer; select a brush of size 4 px & hardness 100% and change the brush color to white. Press P to select pen tool and create a wave, make sure to turn the path layer option on. Now keep pen on path, right click and click on ‘stroke path’. Name this layer to “wave”.

Step 16

Apply outer glow layer style to this layer of size 16 pixel and color #ffbee9. The result will look like this.

Step 17

Repeat step 18 & 19 to create more waves, experiment with colors, styles and paths to make them more vibrant.

Step 18

Now we’ll add some more style to the text, to do this, turn on the “3d text” smart object layer. Go to Layer > Smart Objects > Edit Contents, this will open another window to edit the content of smart object. To change the color of back part of 3d text just add a Hue / Saturation adjustment layer of these settings; Hue – 49, Saturation – 0, Lightness – 0.

Step 19

Duplicate the “text face” layer, ctrl + click on this layer to get the selection of text faces. Go to Select > Modify > Contract and contract selection by 15 pixel. Add layer mask to hide unselected area.

Step 20

Apply inner glow of size 50 pixel & color #fbab56. Add inner shadow layer style with these settings;
Inner shadow: opacity – 70%, distance – 7px, size – 9px.
Inner glow: color – #fbab56, size – 50px.

Step 21

Now it’s time to add some decoration to the texts, open the “saturday_warmth.jpeg” which I downloaded from Clip mask this pattern to letter T and N. Open another pattern image “pattern2.jpeg” which I created based on “Saturday_warmth.jpeg” pattern. Clip mask “pattern2.jpeg” to letter H and K.

Step 22

Now we will make different texture for letter “I”. To do this clip “saturday_warmth.jpeg” to letter “I”, then duplicate “saturday_warmth.jpeg”. Press Ctrl + T to transform the pattern layer, right click and select ‘Flip Horizontal’. Set its blending mode to lighter color.

Step 23

Here we’ll add some more elements to backgrounds for this open Adobe Illustrator and create two smooth lines of weight 1 point.

Step 24

Set one line’s opacity to zero, select both lines and press Alt + Ctrl + B to create a blend between both lines. Double click on blend icon to access blend options, choose ‘specified steps’ in spacing drop down option and increase the steps to 25. This will create a nice blend between both lines.

Step 25

Copy this blend and paste to photoshop as pixel object and change its color to #de8100. Place them in the scene, duplicate it if needed.

Step 26

Now open “glitter.abr” brush into photoshop, select a glitter brush style and apply these settings.

Step 27

Our scene is almost complete so let’s add some more detail in the scene. Create stars and glitters in the scene, experiment with color, opacity and sizes to achieve perfect result. Select a soft brush of size 900 px &color # fdd0a0 and create two glows behind text layers. The result will look like this.

Step 28

This is the last step of this tutorial in which we’ll add some more elements to the scene. Create some letters & symbols by following steps 1 to 7 and add them into scene to make our scene better. Add some more stars and glitters to make our scene perfect. And we’ve finished, this is the final result. Hope you liked it.

And We’re Done!

You can view the final outcome below. I hope that you enjoyed this
tutorial and would love to hear your feedback on the techniques and

VIP Download

Download the original .psd file for this tutorial here:


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